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Cabinet CET Bureau d'Etudes Techniques

For nearly 22 years, the CET Engineering Firm has been working as project manager and works supervisor on many large-scale projects relating to building infrastructures and superstructures, urban developments and roads and utility services.

CET also carries out environmental impact assessments, Water Act studies, sanitation studies as well as socio-economic studies via its "Environmental and Hydraulic studies" department within the same structure.

With the recent opening of our Project Management Assistance department, you can now entrust us with your project from an early stage so we can help you make it a reality from a technical and financial perspective.

At every project study stage, CET can provide its clients with guaranteed results in terms of technical quality as well as cost, delivery time and risk optimisation.

For every project, CET proposes a tailor-made solution by developing synergies while adapting its methods and tools.


CET manages multi-disciplinary projects. Extensive knowledge of technical, environmental as well as regulatory, financial, administrative and legal aspects means that our engineers and experts can take part in projects run by public and private contracting authorities or international investors.

As projects are becoming increasingly complex (multiple stakeholders, exacting administrative procedures, legal provisions, environmental constraints, innovative technologies, rapidly evolving context, etc.), CET provides its clients with tailor-made project management services so that they can achieve their performance objectives in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.

Through the involvement of its 15 employees, CET constantly strives to promote the project and the image the contracting authority wishes to convey.

Your main contact points:

Mr NAOIOUI, Managing Director

Mrs Soizic DURET-MOTARD, International Operations Director & DPLG Architect (recognised by the French government). Head of the Project Management Assistance, Execution Architecture and Structure department, Works monitoring and OPC

Mrs Wardat MONJOIN, Environmentalist/Socio-economist. Head of the Urban Planning & Development unit, Infrastructure and Roads & Utility Services department, Environmental and Hydraulic studies